Vama Fashions Presents Sania Mirza Style without Piercing Clip on Pressing type Nose ring pin Stud for Women & Girls.


  • Adorn exquisite gold plated without piercing clip
  • Pressing type nose ring pin stud
  • Match perfectly with all your outfits



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Product description

History : In ancient India, the nose was meant for more than breathing and detecting smells. In fact, 6,000 year old Vedic Scripts and manuscripts mention nose piercing and nose rings. At that time it was believed that the nose was also involved with fertility. In the 1970s hippies who traveled to India learned about nose piercings and embraced the practice.

Theory : Decorating the nose is also important because the ancients believed the sixth sense, which represents brainwave focus, is located just above the end of the nose. In India, brides wear nose rings or studs because they are attractive and imply that the bride is worthy. It is also believed that the nose connects with romantic, sexual and emotional feelings.

Significance : In Ayurvedic medicine nose piercing is associated with female reproductive organs. It is believed that nose piercing helps reduce periodic menstrual pain and discomfort and that it assures less pain during child birth.

Considerations : In India, the nose ring is an important part of the bridal costume and is worn in either the left or right nostril depending on where the bride is from. The clip on nose ring is believed to enhance the bride’s beauty in her husband’s eyes. Nose rings without piercing, which may be decorated with fish, birds, jewels and pearls, are made of either gold or silver. It is not uncommon to see married Indian women of childbearing age wearing a small pressing nose ring or nose pins withour piercing in the left nostril of their nose every day.


Important information

Safety Information:


Avoid direct exposure to heat or the sun.Keep Jewellery away from direct heat, water, perfumes, deodorants and other strong chemicals as they may react with the metal or plating.The plating composition of Jewellery is as such that perspiration (sweat) will not damage it.

Take it off before shower/bath, cooking/washing â–ª If wet due to sweating for example, wipe it gently with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid solvents or chemicals (acids or bases) like soap, perfume etc. â–ª Avoid being impacted or rubbed with coarse/hard objects â–ª

Wipe Jewellery gently with chamois cloth or leather swatch after every use. Wiping the jewelry with a soft cloth after removing the jewellery would add to its life.

Preserve your Jewellery in the original box or in a soft cloth pouch.


Kindly refer the size of the Product before purchasing from images.

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All measurements are done manually, and their values are approximate.


Legal Disclaimer:

“VAMA” is the Certified Trademark of “VAMA FASHIONS” and is Registered with Government of India, Trade Marks Registry .

“VAMA” is a Registered Brand under Amazon Brand Registry.Every care has been taken to ensure that the product details are correct. All dimensions are measured by hand, so there might be a very slight variation.

Whilst the image is a true representation of the standard product, slight variation in colour replication may occur due to lighting/flash during photography or your monitor settings.


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